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Acne Definition, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

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Title : Acne Definition, Causes, Treatment and Prevention
link : Acne Definition, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

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Acne Definition, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

What is acne? - Before discussing further, first identify what is acne? Acne is a condition that occurs where there is a problem with our facial skin, when the place for hair growth is blocked by dead skin cells, there will be bumps, redness as a sign of growing acne.

Acne conditions also vary, there are moderate acne and severe (inflamed) acne. Acne is generally experienced by teenagers who are going through puberty, yes, where puberty is very influential on our bodies and where hormones are more active. Acne does not see age, gender and time, it can attack anyone, anywhere and anytime.

When the hormone starts to activate it will cause a lot of oil on the surface of the facial skin. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wash your face with a special face wash, of course, a facial soap that can remove and stop excess oil production. but don't wash your face too often because it can cause facial skin to dry out.

The cause of acne

Of course, we will feel uncomfortable and not confident when our faces break out. very disturbing appearance is not it? As discussed in the discussion above, acne will begin to grow during puberty.

Excessive sebum production, facial skin that is clogged with dead skin cells will certainly make it easier for acne to grow, especially with the addition of propionibacterius acne bacteria that develops in a mixed state of being sweaty, of course, it will make facial skin more oily and the greater the chance for acne to grow.

Get to know the various types of acne and how to treat them

1. Papules

This type of acne is caused by blackheads and irritation of the facial skin, people with papules will feel sore on the face due to swelling and redness due to irritation. but you should not scratch it because it can cause more serious irritation. These papules do not contain pus or water, they are just reddish spots like when we are bitten by ants.

2. Pustula

Where the condition of acne pustules is more severe than papules, basically the pustules will appear like papules with a fairly large size and are accompanied by white pus filled with water. Of course, you will want to squeeze the pus-filled pimple so that the contents come out immediately, but on the other hand, this action is wrong because it can cause the pores to open bigger then if the pimple is dry it will give a scar called a pockmark.

3. Blackhead

Blackheads are generally in our nose area, what happens is that our nose will experience black spots like blackheads. when you see a blackhead you want it to feel squeezed so that our skin looks cleaner. How to treat blackheads is to clean the area with special soap to speed up the oil removal process.

4. Whitehead

Not far from blackhead whiteheads are whiteheads which are mostly around the bottom of the mouth, under the eyes and nose, not infrequently whiteheads are also on the forehead. The way to handle it is to use blackhead cleaning soap and make sure the product to be used contains natural ingredients.

How to treat acne

First identify the severity of acne that is being experienced, both mild and severe levels. The difference in severity will of course be different from the level of treatment, the more severe the acne, the more difficult and longer treatment will be. The following are ways of treatment based on severity:

 -Light level

Acne is generally quite easy to handle depending on the effort and the type of product used. For example, avocado masks can help the healing process of acne, but all types of acne products are certainly not instant, it will take a long time to get rid of the acne.

How to use an avocado mask as follows:

  1. Take the avocado flesh to taste and then blend until soft
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of pure honey into the avocado that has been smooth
  3. Add enough lemon juice
  4. Apply the avocado mask on the entire surface of the facial skin
  5. After 30 minutes rinse with clean water

-Weight level

Of course, people who experience severe acne will experience stress to depression, it is not uncommon for sufferers to lack confidence if they look due to acne problems, but you don't need to worry, you can consult with doctors who are experts in that field. You can also use skincare or masks that can treat acne. your acne while fading acne scars. but this does not only take one month but can reach 6 months to 1 year if you want the maximum possible results.

How to prevent acne

If you have never experienced acne or only small spots with very little amount you can prevent it by avoiding foods with high sugar levels, foods with omega 6 fats, types of nuts, chocolate, fast food etc. And always clean your facial skin from oil because oil can cause acne breakouts, exercise regularly and use facial care products.

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