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MILIA: Definition-Medication-Symptoms

MILIA: Definition-Medication-Symptoms - Hello Bro and Sis Story Of Dental, In the article you are reading this time with the title MILIA: Definition-Medication-Symptoms, We have prepared this article well for you to read and take information in it. hopefully the contents of the post Article health, what we write you can understand. Alright, happy reading.

Title : MILIA: Definition-Medication-Symptoms
link : MILIA: Definition-Medication-Symptoms

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MILIA: Definition-Medication-Symptoms

What do you mean by milia?

What does milia mean? milia are small white bumps or spots located on the face, generally milia are located near the eyes, cheeks, and nose. The appearance of milia is often touted as a lack of skin care, especially on facial skin.
It is possible that someone who has used the treatment can grow milia in the facial area, regardless of age, whether they are teenagers or adults, milia can also attack babies or toddlers.
When viewed with the eye, milia looks like acne, but milia itself is not a pimple but a bunch of growing bumps, more like blackheads that accumulate so that they become small bumps.

How is milia treated?

1. Clean your face every day

You can clean your facial skin with bath soap or other cleansing soap products, but don't wash your face too often, if you don't clean your face too often, it will actually make your facial skin drier.

Then how to clean facial skin so it doesn't dry out?
It is enough to clean your face 2 times a day to avoid drying the skin, don't forget to use a moisturizer and then apply it to your face when you want to sleep at night. Use products registered with BPOM that have been tested for safety.

2. ProPolia SM
Proolis sm is a drug in liquid form, this drug is a new breakthrough made to get rid of milia on the face, not only to get rid of milia on the face, propolis sm also has properties such as:

- remove milia.
- improve the body's immune system.
- prevent inflammation.
- can treat various complaints of pain in the ear.
- launch the digestive system.
- speed up the drying process on the wound, etc.

SM propolis can be drunk or applied to the injured part, the rules for use are 3 to 4 drops of SM propolis mixed into 1/4 cup water and then drunk, if applied use 2 to 3 drops and drip directly on the affected area. wound.

3. Qnj jelly gamat
Qmj jelly gamat is a medicine in the form of a cream or ointment which has an extra composition of gamat gamat, stichoupus hermani, culcuma xantoriza, and maldepuratum which are very effective to help eliminate milia on the face.


- can treat various types of external skin diseases both chronic and non-chronic.
For luat or skin diseases, simply apply Qnj jelly gamat on the injured area, wait for it to dry and then rinse, it is best to use it before going to bed so that it can absorb better.

4. Vitama zeerzax de nature
Many of the properties contained in this product, one of which is as a medicine for milia, not only that this drug can also be used to cure chalazons, stye, and other skin diseases.

Well maybe a little about how to treat milia, all healing depends on ourselves, if there is strong will and effort and capital, of course all of that can be overcome. Don't forget to pray and patience always comes first.

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